Idon't know from where to begin but, do you realize that I happened in your life? I Happened. Like this. You never expected me but here I am, happening, making you requestion the hows and the whys of your life. I happened and I am not the random girl from the street you were going to hit on with the most original pick up line of all times, nor the other random girl who fits your facebook search filters. I happened, slowly, though not really slowly right? Like when you keep observing a turtle and complain about how slow it is, then something distracts you from it, and when you look back, you are amazed about how the turtle made it to a certain distance, was it relativity? Do you get me? Have you ever had a turtle? Is there any point to what I am saying? Yes. I happened. I'm not the turtle, I am not the time, I am the distraction and I will always be, so you'll never have to look back to your boring slow turtle again.

You Happened. And I was kind of expecting a sort of a happening in my life. The idea of a unique man who's going to love me and bare my insanity was closer to fiction than reality but I still expected a happening. Then you happened. And you were too much of a happening. You were everything that was ever expected and more. You happened and suddenly all the words in the world were not enough, all the love letters became cliché, all the faith that people have meant nothing compared to the one I feel when you stare at me. You happened and you took me to a land where it's okay to be naked. I love being naked, I love when you love me being naked, I love that you happened. Can you happen, forevermore?